About Me

Lauren Booth was born and brought up in North London, UK. She trained as an actress at the London Academy of Performing Arts, spending several years touring Europe with regional theatre companies. However, her greatest interest lay in writing and politics and in 1997 she entered the world of journalism. Her earliest writing experiences were with the London Evening Standard where she wrote a lightweight ‘About Town’ column for six months. In 1999, she began her successful ‘What Now’ column for the political magazine, the New Statesman, which ran for four years. At the same time, she began working for the Mail on Sunday as a columnist and features writer. During her time with Mail on Sunday Lauren was sent to report on the 2005 Palestinian elections. Her relationship with the land and the vast injustice the people there continue to suffer, began.

Her outspoken articles led to her own show, ‘In Focus’ at the Islam Channel (UK). As their chief interviewer, she travelled the world for two years meeting scholars, academics and activists from the Muslim world including Sheikh Raed Saleh and Bishop Riadh (Palestine), amongst others.

In 2006 Lauren was a contestant on the ITV reality TV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, donating the money she raised to Interpal whose work focuses on improving life for Palestinians not only in the West Bank and Gaza but also the refugee camps of Lebanon.

In 2008 Lauren went to Cyprus to report on the efforts of 45 human rights activists to break the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza. The Free Gaza Movement made history on 23rd August 2008 by sailing the first ships directly to the Palestinian coast in 44 years. Lauren remained in Gaza for a month making reports for the news channel PressTV, working to raise awareness of the effects of the siege in the mainstream media.

Since 2008 Lauren has worked and travelled extensively both as an interviewer and reporter for newspapers and TV channels and as a human rights activist. Her ground-breaking programmes Remember Palestine and the Diaspora are widely acclaimed for shedding light on the suffering of the Palestinian people since 1948.

In 2010, Lauren Booth accepted Islam. She now tours the globe speaking about her ‘Journey to Islam,’ seeking to share the beautiful nature of the religion with as wide an audience as possible. She is invited to lecture on campuses internationally on topics including: Islamophobia, The Media and Islam, Why Women Revert and issues related to the Palestinian Struggle.

Her commitment to the campaign against Israeli Apartheid is well known, taking Lauren back to both the West Bank and to Gaza with the Peace Cycle and Viva Palestina.

In October 2012 Lauren joined the international voices raised against drone attacks in Pakistan, taking part in the road convoy organised by Imran Khan’s PTI party, The historic convoy against US drone attacks in the region reached the border of South Waziristan.

Lauren Booth lives in the United Kingdom and is writing her keenly-awaited autobiography.