We’re One Body: Lauren Booth’s Message in Cairo


Lanterns of light dawned on the black-robed Muslim Lauren Booth in Cairo Citadel, Egypt, on Friday, April 12.

521860_513402278718012_1966672417_nSpiritual tranquility of Friday and An-Nasir Ibn Qalawuun mosque were combined with the passionate and vibrant spirit of Da’wah shown byAhlan team, who hosted the event.Midad and Sufaraa Al-Hidayahsocieties, Egypt-based national organizations, also sponsored the event.

At Egypt’s most critical times, Booth, a broadcaster, journalist and a human rights activist, showed deep interest in bringing what she referred to as “Allah’s Plan for people” to Egypt, after Palestine and Iraq.

“I believe that there are so many poor people in Egypt who need help”, Booth said.

Ahlan is a group of Muslim youth aiming at spreading Da`wah through what Lauren defines as “Da’wah Toursim.”

The event reflected the real Lauren, a humble dignified human activist whose main mission is to “make others in need feel happy.”

A Fighter for Humanity

In the hypostyle scheme, amid the standard pattern of a rectangular courtyard, few meters away from the sanctuary and the arcades of the mosque, Lauren was more than happy to share her journey to Islam.

She was crowned by her pink downed headscarf, similar to the facades of the mosque that were crowned by the arched crenellations.

The facades resemble the battlements of a fortress, and similarly did Lauren, a fighter for peace legacy of Islam and humanity.

Islam in the Western media is least favorite religion, yet, she said, “Islam makes us happy.”

Smiles and joy reflected on Lauren’s face as she said, “In Islam, happiness means that if you are OK, I am OK”, and that is how Islam changed her outlook on life. For her, happiness is more about helping and sustaining the needy and that is the spirit she lives by after conversion.

Tremendous shifting of careers from being a fashion editor to a human rights activist, Lauren demonstrates the real example of a Muslim female ambassador of Islam.

She raised money to charity Interpal in 2006, followed by delivering aids and balloons to a deaf school in Gaza. Despite all the attempts to block her work, she was adamant to pursue her fight for the incapable ones. She believes Gaza is “the largest concentration camp in the world today”, even though she was not Muslim at that time.

The Palestinian spirit of satisfaction and gratitude to Allah triggered Booth’s first thoughts of converting to Islam. Even before Islam, she was a pro-Palestinian resistance against the Zionist-Jewish occupation.

“Lauren came to Egypt with a Palestinian family who taught her about Islam. They never left Gaza; so she felt she should bring them with her to enjoy a vacation in Cairo.”  Lamia Ibrahim, head of media section of Ahlan Team, told Onislam.net.

Indeed, Lauren has lived up to Islamic principles which caused her to establish more humanitarian projects.
Lauren’s Post-Conversion Humanitarian Efforts

In March 2012, Lauren headed towards Palestine escorted by a group of Irish activists. The “Freedom & Friendship Delegation 2012” delegation filmed a documentary which was played in the event. “Derry friends of Palestine”, a group from the city of Derry in Ireland, organized the event.

On recent Cairo visit, Lauren said, ‘I cannot forget Gaza.” She added passionately, “Do not forget Palestine.” Her true feelings of sympathy and deep care for the Palestinians reached its climax when she burst in tears that were followed by a two-second moment of silence, as she asked Allah to answer her prayers for the Palestinian case.

The delegation of March 2012 aimed at building educational links with the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and University students. It successfully bore outstanding fruits.

In a response obtained by OnIslam.net Lauren said, “There are so many Muslims who are oppressed worldwide. We should remember Bangladesh and Moscow too.”

Ahlan is a group of Muslim youth aiming at spreading Da`wah through what Lauren defines as “Da’wah Toursim.”

Peace 2012

Resuming her superb efforts for humanity, Lauren established “Peace 2012“, a Da’wah charity organization located in the UK.

The Organization assists Muslim converts especially families in need. She hopes it will sustain poor children who will feel happy upon “playing with toys” and who will be able to learn when they get “school supplies.”

According to the organization’s website, the first year of Peace 2012 yielded the following benefits: assisted UK Muslim revert sisters financially and socially, re-housed Muslims in financial hardship both in the UK and Gaza, paid the university fees of Palestinian students in Gaza; distributed `Eid gifts to orphans and financially assisted widows, and assisted patients in Pakistan and Palestine medically.

This week, Lauren Booth, escorted by her husband, Sohale Ahmed, will head to Gaza to bring computers, solar chargers and children’s toys to Gaza.

Yossr Yasser, a passionate about Islam, attended the event, said, “Today’s event was so inspirational, Lauren Booth made tears come out of the eyes of many who were there while she was telling her story of conversion to Islam; I loved being there in this blessed atmosphere.”